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The Ultimate Hangboard for Complete Finger Fitness

The Horizon is a high-class hangboard designed to elevate your finger strength and training experience. Constructed from sustainably sourced beechwood with a sleek, ergonomic design, the Horizon offers a comprehensive range of features to enable any fingerboard training protocol of the hands, forearms, upper body and core.



  • Grip Options: Deep jugs at the top offer comfortable hangs for pull ups and ‘bar-core’ exercises, while five edge depths (48mm rounded, 32, 22, 18 and 14mm) progressively challenge your crimp strength and power.
  • Large Training Surface: The spacious design provides ample room for varied hand positions, perfect for performing a full range of hangboard exercises.
  • Integrated ‘Pulley Groove’: Enables weight assisted hangs for applying specific force through your fingers. Ideal for training endurance or regressions for harder exercises such as front levers or one arm pull ups.
  • Ergonomic Design: The smooth, rounded beech edges provide a comfortable grip, minimizing wear on your fingers and maximizing training effectiveness.

Beyond its functionality, the Horizon boasts an aesthetic design that complements its training capacity. The graceful lines in natural beech wood create a visually calming and tactilely pleasing experience. This reduces the utilitarian feel often associated with hangboards, transforming finger training into a more mindful and enjoyable activity. The clean lines and ergonomic curves of the Horizon integrate seamlessly into the style of many home spaces, making it a statement piece that reflects your dedication to the sport without sacrificing your living spaces.

Your Gateway to Climbing Mastery

The Horizon is the ultimate hangboard for climbers who demand a versatile and effective training tool with elegance. With its comprehensive features and high-quality build, the Horizon will help you reach your climbing goals faster.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 750 × 48 × 110 mm


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